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User Interface Project


All-in-One News App for Curious Learners  

INF2191 - User Interface Design 

Created by Aryasatya Wikara

February 2023 - April 2023

8 min read

How to provide users a more efficient way to stay updated with real-time news? 

Tie-IN is an all-in-one news entertainment platform that allows users to Tie-IN with on-demand news of their own category of choice (sports, business, finance, etc.) in real-time and provides a community channel to connect and network with other users.

Tie-IN differs from Twitter and other media services through the way the platform reduces spam and fake news and the ability for users to customize its own dashboard. Users will not receive other news categories unless they are Tie-IN with the category of choice.


User Persona

Final Design

V1: High-Fidelity Mobile App Protototype for Tie-In

V2: High-Fidelity Smartphone Prototype for Tie-In

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