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Redesigning Inclusive Navigation for the Visually Impaired 

About PetaNetra

UX Experience Lead

UX Strategist


Jessi Febria 

My Role
UX Resources

Qualitative Research 

Thematic Analysis

Affinity Diagram 


Experience Mapping 

PetaNetra supports the visually impaired to navigate independently in public spaces. An app designed for the visually impaired to help them independently navigate their way in public spaces by following pre-recorded Augmented Reality (AR) path of a location 


The Ask

The Current PetaNetra app is not functional, creating unsafe experiences for users with visual impairment 

Spearheaded primary user research study to gather insights of users pain points within a condensed 4-week timeframe . 

Contributed to the overall UX redesign process and stakeholder meetings with the founders, product team, and business team to enhance the app's features

Re-designed and developed the PetaNetra app's information architecture and features to enhance intuitiveness and accessibility for users

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