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I am an Indonesian-Born

User Experience Designer building compelling and emphatetic user-centric design products

I am currently a User Experience Designer at PetaNetra, a company that builds inclusive navigation for the visually impaired 

Outside of Work 

Long-Term Aspirations

My long-term aspirations is to become an entrepreneur in my home country. Born and raised in a small city in Indonesia, I look to contribute to my country's digital sector in the long run by providing small and medium enterprises with the best service in their user experience design process.  

I am passionate about traveling around the world, and I dream of traveling to 30 different countries! 

Outside of my design passion, you can find me on social media, where I post my culinary and travel journey! 

Find me on the basketball court and watching the NBA 24/7. Who is your favorite team? 


Content Creator



This summer I did a 4 month internship at Legit Group and a Contract Project at McMaster University

I graduated in 20222 from the University of Toronto with a Ba in Digital Enterprise Management. 

Currently taking Masters in Information at University of Toronto with a User Experience Design concentration. 

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